Oct 25 | 10:00-11:00 (CEST):

Lorna Wildgaard, Consultant at Research Support, Copenhagen University Library/Royal Danish Library

Lorna Wildgaard

In this webinar, we dive into the world of predatory publishing.

What exactly is a predatory journal?

What methods do they employ?

How can you distinguish a predatory journal from a reputable one?

And what are the potential consequences for researchers?

If you’re a researcher, academic, student or simply curious about the integrity of scientific publishing, come and join in. We’ll explore the intricate web of predatory journals, their impact on the academic community, and how you can safeguard your research.

Lorna Wildgaard is a consultant at Research Support, Copenhagen University Library, part of the Royal Danish Library, Denmark. She has a PhD in bibliometrics and before working at the Library, was a researcher at Copenhagen University. She is actively involved in developing skills and recognition for Open Science activities through her invovlement in EOSC working groups, task forces and other European and national collaborations. Her work in the Research Support unit concerns primarily education and skill development, including Carpentries, systematic search methodologies, responsible use of bibliometrics and Data Stewardship.