Oct 27 | 10:00-11:00 (CEST):

From “All rights reserved” to “Some rights reserved”: The Importance of Creative Commons Licenses in Open Access Publishing

Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen, senior advisor, Copenhagen Business School Library

Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen

Rasmus Rindom Riise, special advisor, Royal Danish Library/Copenhagen University Library

Rasmus Rindom Riise

Creative Commons licenses are the most widely used copyright licenses for research outputs and have become an integral part of the publishing process in the wake of the Open Science movement. As a researcher, you will often find yourself in situations, where you must choose a Creative Commons license when your manuscript is accepted for publication. Choosing a license requires knowledge on what characterizes the individual licenses and your choice of license depends on what you want users to be able to use your publication for.

This presentation will explain what characterizes the individual Creative Commons licenses and what you must consider when choosing a license for your publication. The presentation will answer the following questions:

Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen is senior advisor at Copenhagen Business School Library. He works in the Department for Faculty and Student Services, and his areas of work include bibliometrics, Open Access, and copyright issues. He is a member of the Danish Network for Open Access and the Knowledge Exchange Open Access Expert Group.

Rasmus Rindom Riise is special advisor at Copenhagen University Library, part of the Royal Danish Library. He works at the Department for Research Support where he supports researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Open Access publishing, including choosing a Creative Commons licenses for publications. Rasmus is a member of the Danish network for Open Access and the Knowledge Exchange Open Access Expert Group.

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