Oct 26 | 10:00-11:00: What’s open about Open Science Platforms for university-industry collaboration? The case of ODIN

Maria-Theresa Norn - Senior Researcher, DTU and Aarhus University

Maria-Theresa Norn

A number of Open Science Platforms (OSPs) have emerged worldwide to promote university-industry collaboration that adheres to open principles. That is, all research outputs must be shared in the public domain, and there can be no patents or other mechanisms that place restrictions on the further use of these outputs. Why have these OSPs emerged, how do they promote open collaboration, and why do researchers and firms contribute to them? The talk will address these questions, using insights from a comparative study of OSPs as well as from an in-depth study of a particular OSP, the Open Discovery Innovation Network (ODIN) at Aarhus University.

Maria-Theresa Norn (Ph.D.) is a part-time senior researcher at Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Aarhus University and part-time senior researcher at Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Denmark. Her main interests are: science policy, science funding, open science, open innovation in science, interdisciplinary research collaboration, university-industry collaboration, technology transfer, innovation policy, and higher education policy.

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